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DataCap is integrated software for data transformation, integration, and visualization. Support a variety of data sources, file types, big data related database, relational database, NoSQL database, etc. Through the software can realize the management of multiple data sources, the data under the source of various operations conversion, making data charts, monitoring data sources and other functions.

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Datacap is fast, lightweight, intuitive system.

  • Powerful yet easy to use

    Quickly and easily integrate and explore your data, using simple SQL IDE.

  • Integrates with modern databases

    DataCap can connect to any SQL based datasource through JDBC and Native and Http.

  • Highly Customizable

    DataCap can quickly connect to new data sources by implementing the methods provided by SPI.

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Supported Connectors

ClickHouse   MySQL   Presto   Redis   PostgreSQL   Trino   ElasticSearch   Druid   Kyuubi   Hive   Kylin   Ignite   IBM DB2   MongoDB   Dremio   MonetDB   Phoenix   H2   SqlServer   Oracle   CrateDB   DaMeng   TDengine   Impala   OceanBase   Neo4j   IoTDB   Snowflake   YDB   Zookeeper   DuckDB   Aliyun OSS   Apache Kafka   CeresDB   GreptimeDB   QuestDB   Apache Doris   StarRocks   Hologres   Apache Hdfs   Apache Pinot   Apache Cassandra

Last update: November 20, 2023
Created: November 20, 2023