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Through the data source function, you can add support for various custom data sources, and perform subsequent data source operations, etc.

Add data source

After entering the system, click the corresponding DataSource submenu under the top Admin menu to go to the function configuration function


Click the Add button on the far right of the content area (it's a + icon), After clicking, the Add Data Source window will pop up as follows


When we select a certain type of data source, the data source configuration information will be displayed in the top tab bar


Fill in the relevant configuration information according to the data source tab. After the information is entered, click the Test button at the bottom. After the test is successful, you can click the Save button to save.


After the data source is saved, the data source list will be automatically refreshed, roughly as follows


Modify data source

Click the first button in Action in a data source in the list to modify the data source, the operation is similar to Add data source operation

Delete data source

Click the second button in Action of a data source in the list to delete the data source, and the following content will pop up after clicking


Click the small window that pops up and click OK to delete the data source


It should be noted that after deleting the data source, the query history related to the data source will be deleted.

Data source management

Click the third button in Action of a data source in the list to jump to the data source management page.


The page is divided into left and right parts. The left side mainly displays the basic information of the data source, including:

  • Database list
  • Data table & data column tree list

When we select a database and a data table on the left, the content on the right is displayed as follows


Under the data table in the right content, you can select the previous page and next page operations of the current database table data.

On the top right we can use the sorter to reorder the data


When we activate the sorter, we click the Apply button to apply the current sorter by selecting the data column and sorting rules, and the data below will be changed according to the sorter


If the current data source does not support the management function, the following page will be displayed