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The snippet feature allows you to add support for various custom snippets, perform subsequent snippet operations, and more. The added code snippet is then added to the editor.

Move your mouse over the Admin icon in the top menu to pop up the drop-down box, click the Snippet submenu in the drop-down box. A window similar to the following pops up, the default list is empty, you need to add it yourself.


If you added a fragment, a page similar to the following appears


Add Snippet

Click the Add button on the right side of the list display area (it is a + icon), and after clicking it, the Add Data Source window will pop up as follows


In the window, we need to enter the following

Attribute Description
Name Marks the name of the current snippet
Description A description of the current code snippet
Snippet The specific SQL content of the current code snippet

After filling in the above, click the Submit button at the bottom to save the code snippet.


After the data is saved, the list of data sources is automatically refreshed.

Review the snippet content

Click the first button in Action in a data in the list to view the specific code snippet content, and a dialog box will pop up, which is roughly as follows


Click OK or Cancel to close the dialog box

Modify the code snippet

Click the second button in Action in one of the data in the list to modify the snippet, similar to the Add Snippet action.

Quote Snippet

Click the third button in Action of a piece of data in the list, reference the current code snippet, and you will be taken to the query page, and the fragment content will be entered directly into the editor.

Delete the snippet

Click the fourth button in Action of a piece of data in the list to delete the snippet, and the following will pop up after clicking


Click the small pop-up window and click OK to remove the snippet.

Last update: November 20, 2023
Created: November 20, 2023