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Aliyun OSS

What is Aliyun OSS ?

Fully managed object storage service to store and access any amount of data from anywhere



If you need to use this data source, you need to upgrade the DataCap service to >= 1.6.x

Support Time: 2023-02-23

SQL statement syntax

This chapter describes the SQL syntax used in Aliyun OSS on DataCap.



SELECT [ * | <Columns> ] select_expression [, ...]
FROM from_item [. ...]

where from_item is one of

table_name [ `a.b` | a.b | `a`.`b`]


When table_name is set to all the root directory is searched.

Select expressions

Each select_expression must be in one of the following forms:

expression [ column_alias ]

In the case of expression [ column_alias ], a single output column is defined.

In the case of *, all columns of the relation defined by the query are included in the result set.



If it is a multi-level directory, such as /oss/id/2, it will be written `oss`.`id`.`2`, and use . to split between directories.


DataCap uses configuration files by default alioss.json


If your Aliyun OSS service version requires other special configurations, please refer to modifying the configuration file and restarting the DataCap service.

Field Required Default Value
Name -
Field Required Description Default Value
Username access Id -
Password access Secret -
Field Required Description Default Value
Database bucket name default

Version (Validation)


The online service has not been tested yet, if you have detailed test results, please submit issues to us

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Last update: November 20, 2023
Created: November 20, 2023