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Deploying in Self Host

DataCap is a software for data transformation, integration and visualization.

System Requirements


The binary package of the software is compiled and tested based on the following systems. It has not been tested on other versions, and it is theoretically supported.

If there is an unsupported system, use the source code compilation method to actively compile the binary file.

System Version
JDK >=11
MySQL >=5.6.x

Binary install


Download the binary software package of the corresponding system from the following address for installation.

Download package

Run the following command after downloading the binary to your local

tar -xvzf datacap-release.tar.gz
Configuration software

For the first installation of the software, you need to import the sql scripts in the schema/datacap.sql file to the MySQL server. Note that the scripts that need to be imported are matched according to the downloaded software package

After importing the SQL script, modify the configure/ configuration file to modify the configuration information of the MySQL server

Add configuration



If you need to modify the log configuration, just modify the configure/logback.xml configuration file

Start service

DataCap service startup is very simple, execute the following script

Stop service

Stop the service and execute the following script



If you want to debug the system, you can use ./bin/ to start the service, but it will stop when you close the window

Source installation


To manually compile and install DataCap, you need to perform the following steps.

The system needs to install JDK

  • Clone the source code to this machine
git clone
  • Compile and build the application
./mvnw clean install package -DskipTests -Dgpg.skip


After compiling, the datacap-release.tar.gz package will be generated in the dist directory.

Use the relevant packages to install it.


If you do not want to install to the local software directory, you can use the following documents to start the development mode for software use.


Last update: November 20, 2023
Created: November 20, 2023