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Deploying in Rainbond

If you are unfamiliar with Kubernetes, and want to install DataCap in Kubernetes, you can use Rainbond to deploy. Rainbond is a cloud-native application management platform built on Kubernetes and simplifies the application deployment to Kubernetes.


To install Rainbond, please refer to Rainbond Quick Install.

Deploy DataCap

DataCap has been released to the Rainbond Open Source App Store, DataCap can be deployed with one click through the Rainbond Open Source App Store.

Go to the Rainbond Console's Platform Management -> App Marketplace -> Open Source App Store and search for datacap and install it.

Fill in the following information, and click Confirm button to install.

  • Team: select a team or create a new team
  • Cluster: select a cluster
  • Application: select an application or create a new application
  • Version: select a version

After installation, DataCap can be accessed through the default domain name provided by Rainbond, Default user password admin/12345678

Last update: November 20, 2023
Created: November 20, 2023