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1.17.0 (latest)


The current release involves several major updates.

DataCap is released!

Release Version Release Time
1.17.0 2023-11-20


  • Remove invalid metadata manager
  • Optimization issues template
  • Add version to app img.png
  • Support to check whether the java version is compatible at startup
  • Fixed an error in selecting columns directly without selecting tables
  • Supports custom column display Column Display
  • Supports resetting column positions Reset Column Position
  • Querying the table view results in a value that cannot be converted
  • Add jvm config
  • No column information is returned when the data is empty
  • Fixed switching table query data results in null query columns
  • Support reset auto increment Reset Auto Increment
  • Unify the data types returned by each plug-in
  • Support for viewing build statement sentences Build Statement
  • Add filter for table Filter
  • Support add new row data Add Row


  • Remove unused components


  • Bump com.h2database:h2 from 2.1.214 to 2.2.224
  • Bump org.jetbrains.dokka:dokka-maven-plugin from 1.8.10 to 1.9.10

Last update: November 20, 2023
Created: November 20, 2023